• Lone Wolf, a cineveillant adaptation of Joseph Conrad's novel, The Secret Agent


  • Lone Wolf In Virtual Reality

    The first-ever VR feature film

    Lone Wolf will be available to audiences on the big screen or via a VR head-set.

    VR Version: Hors-champ Plus

    French philosopher Gilles Deleuze coined the term hors-champ to describe what occurs out-of-frame, "what is neither seen nor understood but is nevertheless perfectly clear". Now VR gives an audience the ability to peer around the edge of the frame - hors-champ plus.


    (The stereoscope, prototype for the VR headset, was patented in 1838)

    VR Headset

    Lone Wolf

    A cineveillant film

    Lone Wolf’s cineveillant conceit gives it candidature to become the first long-form VR production. Lone Wolf, viewed in VR, proposes a new cinematic tension in the interplay of sound in the Wings and the On-stage image. Binaural sound delivered through headphones can pinpoint audio more accurately in a 360-degree radius than the “surround sound” of a cinema. Binaural sound enables strategic placement of off-screen sound cues that might entice a viewer to lift, lower or turn their gaze away from the “On-stage” image into the respective Wings of vision. This feature gives an agency to the viewer previously unavailable in cinema.


  • Lone Wolf Synopsis

    Little Brother is Watching...

    Contemporary Sydney. Via various modes of surveillance we observe a young woman, Winnie, and her disabled brother Stevie, caught-up in a web of intrigue involving inept anarchists, ambitious police and a corrupt politician. The duplicity of Winnie’s partner, Verloc -political activist and police informant –propels these siblings down a treacherous path. Based on the novel, The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad.

  • Lone Wolf The Film

    Production Details



    Cineveillant noir


    Lone Wolf is a modern adaptation of Joseph Conrad's novel, The Secret Agent, set in Sydney.


    Hugo Weaving, Tilda Cobham-Hervey

    Directed By

    Jonathan Ogilvie

    Written By

    Joseph Conrad as "The Secret Agent"

    Screenplay By

    Jonathan Ogilvie

    Australia/ NZ Distribution


    Rest of World Distribution

    Level K


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  • About Us

    Jonathan Ogilvie

    Lone Wolf, writer director

    Lee Hubber

    Back seat driver, marketing/publicity

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    Little Brother is Watching

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